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zim’s got talent but where is it

So there are a lot of people prancing about Zimbabwe claiming that they can do things that remotely represent a modicum of talent and a few people fall for it, pay some money then walk off in disgust.

let it be said that the occupiers of this boat claim no talent but inquisitive minds. H Jackson Browne Jr did say this though. Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.

You see, the thing is that many people come through and they do have that inkling of talent but nothing comes of it. It is one thing to have a talent and completely different thing to come through on it.

Now if that is not bad enough there are those who have nothing but effort. The singers are a just about as skilled at keeping a note as a kudu playing fur elise. It might accidentally come across the right key and even if it did, it wouldnt know it.

Some of the reckless substitutes for performance that is presented is so bad it is amusing. The imagination is shattered and homeless. No reference point and complete derogation of duty towards nature.

Of course this is not to say it is all a mess but it is disconcerting how much muck you have to dig through to come across a gem. No forget that, even a fake gem might do.

One puts a band together and well, you really wish they didnt. One pretends to act and you are caught laughing at how idiopathic though quite infrequent the moments of shimmering genius are.

As you sit, you think for a moment that you might be dead and being consumed by worms. Except you can feel it and it is a bit more interesting than the reality you consume. Until that one comes through and…

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