Zimbabwe’s Securico Makes Top 10 of 2011 Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship

Zimbabwe is now spending a lot of time in the good section of the news. The latest of piece of Zimbabwe pride can be extracted from the successes of Securico in the 2011 Africa Awards for Enterpreneurship.

With Malaika Mashandu making all the right noises at Miss World, this is a good period for Zimbabwe which has for a long period has only had bad news coming out of it. Not that there were no good things coming out of Zimbabwe but when done at an international level, it is hard to ignore.

The finalists of the 2011 Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship are:

–  soleRebels, Ethiopia

–  Unique Solutions, Gambia

–  InvesteQ, Kenya

–  Expand Technology, Mauritius

–  Chocolate City Group, Nigeria

–  FASMicro, Nigeria

–  Pepperoni Foods, Nigeria

–  Cellular Systems International, Senegal

–  Victoria Seeds, Uganda

–  Securico, Zimbabwe

The finalists will on December 6, present to an international jury of business leaders.

We wish Securico the best and applaud them for the proudly Zimbabwean moment.

Source: Bulawayo24 NEWS

  • Raymond Swart

    What did Securico Enterpreneur?

    • Not sure but that they have been winning a lot of awards and have ISO certification becoming the first manned company to do so

      • Raymond Swart

        It would be interesting to find out what it is they are winning awards for to fully understand their achievements.

        • I am working on that too but seems a bit state secrety

          • Raymond Swart

            Maybe they’re training goats to replace the guard dogs? With built in weapons of mass destruction on their heads, why wouldn’t they?

          • looooooooooooooooooooool