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Zimbabwe’s gun culture

So armed robbery is the new sex in Zimbabwe at the moment. Left, right, centre and left again, there are armed robberies the prominent feature of which is always pistols.

Now of course there are a fair share of the common people who are surprised by this but this had been coming a mile ago. Yes while everyone was asleep the dealers were buying guns and showing off. In effect owning a gun was the in-thing, you see.

If you didnt have a freaking gun and you were dealer, or never mind, if you didn’t have a gun, you were a square. And ask an eight year old, squares just don’t rock it. I mean I know people who were being offered guns for 100 rands in a club.

Now suddenly the deals are disappearing and these guys need a fix. The fast cash is gone yeah? And they need a gig. They have guns. And the shops have money. Quick cash. What more can you expect?

Gun culture is here. And it is not a cool threat.