Zimbabweans strike back; kulula.com pulls advert

So then Kulula who are British Airways’s budget airline ran an electronic advert a few weeks ago making a mockery of how Zimbabweans are supposedly flying a lot because they have fake IDs and are going SA to look for food and yet they get a lot of this business from these Zimbabweans.

Now I was particularly offended and there have been a lot of this sort of shenanigans over the last ten years especially from South African Djs. Now I am all for jokes but some are just in bad taste. And the really messed up thing is that there are ZImbabweans who join in on the act making a mockery of their own people.

And so I will leave that there

Except this time Nora Spies started a facebook page calling for Zimbabweans to boycott kulula services and I was like finally, someone who gives a shit.

And this has advanced to a stage where the advert has been pulled from live media accompanied with an advert.