Have Zimbabweans Become Cultural Sponges ?

Zimbabwe is a pretty diverse and in most instances a dynamic society. We are known for having big hearts and warm smiles and for treating all foreigners well no matter what their race or creed may be.

However Zimbabweans despite being the all embracing and loving country, we also seem to suffer from serious identity crisis. Very few people are exercising discretion when it comes to what we allow to define us as a people.

It seems anything that appears trendy catches the eye of Zimbabweans without giving it a second thought. From trying to talk like Jamaicans, to trying to be dress walk and talk like Americans or imitating the dressing and verbal expressions of West Africans, my sistawo… being the most popular, we really are a sad lot aren’t we?

Not knowing who you are and your cultural heritage leaves you to be a cultural sponge you absorb anything that comes your way. Most people imitate a life they know nothing of and will never know of. A life if they really knew about they would never envy it. Do people even know what being Zimbabwean means?

Progress is good and we should we open minded to new experiences but not at the cost of degrading ones sense of worth because if a person cannot stand for anything they will accept everything.

Moralist will argue that a person has free will and is allowed to do what they so wish but the biggest question is whose model are these so called free thinkers using?

And now some people are trying to start a sex tape culture…..