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zimbabwean supermarket economics

So there is the new twebty thousand note and let’s not forget the ten thousand note printed on a 1000 note paper. But that is that… 

So you see before the increase in the daily withdrawls limit cash was king yeah? You could get something for 4,000 cash and if you swiped then it would cost you about a million. Now cause certain places such as Bon Marche in Chispite wanted your cash their machines were always offline. And bvy that I mean always, except for their special customers.
Suddenly in the last couple of days their machines have started working again and guess what. They don’t want your cash. You get there and you want to pay cash for something and they say no thanks we’re only swiping today.  Like what the truck?
You get the feeling and quite really so that the commoner is being swindled… And meanwhile the Prime Minister says everything will be fine sooner than you think.