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Zimbabwean optimism disappears

To many people across the world the thing in Zimbabwe is well, something tragic but a joke that is happening miles away. It is part of a circus and mountains don’t really have to move for something to happen.

They say well, the Zimbabweans have already gone through so much so they can hold on a little longer. But meanwhile a humanitarian crisis of mind0numbing proportion grips the masses and holds them by a string over a blade.
Basically the people are screwed because two men with egos can’t woirk together.
And to top it all off, the optimism is gone. They dont feel the sincerity of either side. In fact one ardent MDC supporter I was talking to yesterday said they should just let Mugabe rule until he dies so people can move on. 
It is resignation because the faith is gone. The belief that the MDC would be different is gone. And a depression sets in. Some want to get out but haven’t the foggiest where they will go to because they were not planning to leave were they?
So to hell with them, they say… after all, they are at the end of the day, politicians and it is part of a spin…
Ban Ki Moon seems to have said smething that makes sense for the first time. He has called for a decisive summit this time. That is a summit that says this is the way to go or else. But after how many people have died? 
What must the human cost be before these idiots realise what is going on? When the best have died or left and the country is in ruins, what will they govern over?
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    I couldn’t agree with you more that the optimism has disappered or at least is fast diasppearing, hoowever your argument that this is because of two men’s egos couldnt be further away from the all too sad reality that has become of this agreement. To blame Morgan for this stalemate would be a mistake. i have come to respect the man’s judgment ever since he decided not to run in the inaugural senatorial elections up to the point he boycotted the run-off elections. With hindsight the initial decision i mentioned got rid off the chuff within the MDC-T and the second culminated in this “power-sharing agreeement” without which countless lives would have been lost wiht no real prospect of change in sight.

    The fact of the matter remains the MDC is a party of the people by the people for the people. Our people have suffered long enough and we cannot simply continue to have them tortured and maimed by the ZRP and ZANU militia. It is for this reason that we demand control of the home affairs ministry and this is non-negotiable. I long for the day I feel safe once again to walk in the Streets of Glenview whether there is an ongoing election or not. And I decry the failure by these so-called SADC leaders to denounce the action of this despot. The time is now for the world to call a spade a spade. This tyrant is wrong now, just as he was wrong ten years ago. And he knows it in as much as he also knows that he needs the police to retain his stranglehold on power.