Zimbabwe Schools Going High Tech

It looks like Education, Sport, Arts and Culture Minister David Coltart intends to increase the use of computer technology in Zimbabwe’s rural schools. That’s if anything he said he said on his facebook profile are to be taken seriously. The minister said the following-

Great meeting with Apple today in Paris— unveiled a fascinating new ‘School Box’ which will take iPads to the most remote rural schools – using solar power and micro projectors we will be able to bring computerised teaching aids to the poorest schools. I hope we will get the first pilot programmes started early next year,”

The idea sounds noble and will be indeed a welcome one. What waits to be seen is if the good minister will make an equal effort to ensure that the software and educational programs used in these I-pads are relevant to the Zimbabwean education system. Often times Africa is the gracious recipient of other peoples dubious experiments. I wonder what is inside this so called school-box, does it say African, Zimbabwean ?