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Zimbabwe republic police now enemies of the people

Now if you’re expecting me to go into a tirade about politically motivated police brutality, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong door. This is about the everyday struggles of the masses against what used to be Zimbabwe’s finest.

There was a time when dodging a police roadblock was because you didn’t want the inconvenience of getting some place late but now the fear is from a more sinister place. Police just go around mounting road blocks and then find some imaginary fault like, you’ve got a fake license and if you don’t bribe them you’re going to spend the next six hundred nights in jail. Now of course if you’ve got a license it means you can read and that being the case the reports on the state of prisons are not encouraging. So you end up parting with an unplanned contribution to the corrupt policeman’s fund.

Worse still, you could kill someone in this country and if you bribe the right person you get away with it.

There is a particular place opposite Holiday Inn by the food court in Harare on samora machel where a gang of really dangerous youngsters roam about with such contempt its amazing. The police know who they are and the cops are conveniently never there to protect the masses. Now i am not by any stretch of the imagination suggesting that it is open warfare but the area is getting worse now.

Now this is opposite a three star hotel around the time when we’re trying to market ourselves as a safe destination and yet fire burns here.

I am not however about to lay blame on this government because a conscience is individual isn’t it? And add to that they haven’t had time to really target the social ills that have surfaced in the last three years or so.

All i am saying is someone has to do about it.

There was a time when a policeman gave you peace of mind. Now you see one, you get worried…

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