Zimbabwe, Do We Have Guts For Organ Donation?

The other day I saw on television a movie where a person was involved in a car crash. He died instantly in true Hollywood fashion and his organs were quickly harvested. The TV scene was rather dramatic andt it got me thinking if organ donation will become part of what people do in Zimbabwe.

In some countries when one goes to get a driver’s licence they can also consent if they wish,  that in the event that they die their organs can be donated for medical use.The use can be donation to another person if the organs are suitable for transplant. Another use for organs  would be to use as part of research or study by medical students.

We simply like being buried with all our body parts. We love our lungs and livers. When you think about it, what a waste right? All those parts roting away in the ground. But then there is always the fear of body parts being used for juju so I really dont see that happening enmasse in Zimbabwe.

By the way harvesting is one of the terms used in reference to organ donation.