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Zimbabwe Government of National Unity cabinet breakdown

Now this is me doing the thing that I hate doing… Quoting people that I can’t reveal. It’s hectic.

A reliable source – aren’t they all – has it off record that the cabinet will be divided as follows.

ZANU-PF – 15 posts
MDC-T – 13 posts
MDC – 3 posts

Now what is raising a lot of eyebrows among some is the number of seats that Mutambara has been given and why ZANU Pf as more than MDC-T.

Well that’s politics.

For those who do not know. parliament will be sworn in on Monday or Tuesday and Cabinet same day or the soon thereafter.

And this is speculation based on a very reliable source – aren’t they always reliable

  • Frank

    how come Zanu PF only wins all the time MDC always fail they xcan’t rule