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zimbabwe dollar now demonetised?

You walk into just about every well-stocked shop in Zimbabwe you will find charges for goods in United States Dollars. Now that would be all very well if those were all imported goods but you can’t a a bread roll for Zimbabwe dollars now in a lot of places. 

You see since the Reserve Bank allowed shops to deal in United States dollars the shops have now gone over the rails and priced pretty much everything in George Bush’s currency. And as if that is not bad enough, it is at about three or four times what you will pay for the same or similar product across the border whichever way you look. 
It’s become so bad that we are now more expensive a destination than the war ravaged DRC. Except there you could a bullet stuck into your arse for no reason.
The oddball bit is that you still can’t get paid in USD. And even sadder is that a teller at Ballantyne Park Spar will be paid about 15 million dollars and given to them as cheque. Now if one were to use the now hugely unpopular Old Mutual Implied rate which was a 101 billion on Friday, one looks at the exploitatiuon with disgust. In fact just using the street cheque rate you look at how sad the situation is for the real people on the ground. 
In its own country the Zimbabwe dollar is now unofficially illegal.