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Zimbabwe deal update 8 – Mugabe remarks

Acknowledges Mbeki as the heroic facilitators

Calls Tsvangirai and Mutambara partners

Calls it a re-enactment of togetherness

Makes reference to liberation struggle. Makes reference to frontline state movement.

Says the problem of your brother is also your problem. Applauds contribution of other African countries to Zimbabwean liberation

Says the African brothers and sisters have helped once again.

Says African problems must be solved by Africans.

Puts blame squarely on British for interference. Recieves some applause.

Receives big applause on land.

Chides British for interference on land redistribution.

Says salient principles must be continually be observed if unity is to succeed – Zimbabwe is a sovereign state and only Zimbabweans should govern it.

with a right to self-determination.

Also as part of Africa Zimbabwe will cooperate within certain frameworks. Will cooperate with those kind to us.

Applauds persistence and intellect of Thabo Mbeki

Tells the story of reaching conclusion. Says deals seemed dead after Tsvangirai had refused deal initially. And then after suggestions from Mbeki again they reached agreement.

In reference to deal:

Says things in the agreement that both don’t really like but found a way to work.

Says they have to walk to the same route and the same way.

Says they have been walking the same route without knowing it. Failing to recognise each other. Says history forces us to walk to the same route.

Says he would never attack an African brother in public in reference to Ian Khama; Says Ian Khama is a close friend if not a relative.

Seretse Khama was the only heads of state to attend independence (?)

Wants strong ties between Zimbabwe and Botswana. Says whatever happened is history

Says problems do occur but we must have solutions as Africans.

Says ZANU PF is commited to the deal. Says readiness to work and provide experience where it can be provided.

Calls for explanation of new way to all people.

Zimbabweans belong to each other.

Calls for observence of constitution

Says history must judge favourably

Says all should be committed.

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