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Zimbabwe deal update 7 – Tsvangirai remarks

receives applause after referring to Mugabe as his excellency President Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

Thanks people who have worked to get this far. Salutes Mbeki.

thanks late Levy Mwanawasa for work and says this will be part of his legacy.

Recognises Ban ki Moon

applauds all members of parliament. calls them a model for the executive branch

thanks for the people Zimbabwe for adhering to peaceful transformation

Salutes them all.

Says parties can work together.

Says people are bound by the same patriotic duty and destiny. He no longer has opponents.

Says belief in people runs deeper than his scars

Hope for the future is greater than his suffering

Join in the rebirth of the country.

Remember all sacrifices that have been made.

looking back provides energy to move forward.

Deserve to stand tall and be excited about what we can achieve

Product of painful compromise and provides no instant cure for ills in society

partners cannot provide the solution alone. will create environment for resurrection of Zimbabwe

new inclusive government must provide a new way of government.

As prime minister designate asks for unity from both parties.

Division and polarisation belong to the past.

Calls for support of the international community.

Calls ZANU PF the mother of all liberation and founding party of Zimbabwe. Calls it the leader of all parties in Africa.

Calls MDC the party of the people

1 – stop food shortages. unlock food accessibility.
2 – need doctors and teachers and businesses to come back. utilities etc
3 – needs security for the people

Success depends on the commitment of the people in general as agents for change