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Zimbabwe deal update 6 – Mutambara remarks

Ian Khama of Botswana receives huge applause after introduction

Mutambara is introduced by Mbeki

Calls the deal a compromise document

Calls it the best short-term measure to get the country out of its situation

A result produced by Zimbabweans working togetehr as Zimbabweans under guidance of african brothers

Calls it a victory for Zimbabweans and Africans

More bringing together than keeping us apart.

the hard work starts

Country going through humanitarian crisis of huge proportions. Docuiment creates framework fro resolution of crisis.

Lists challenges:

1- Protagonists, polarisation within countries
2- Government in waiting to make painful and courageous decisions to drive this country forward. Three partners need to make these decisions.
3- Country has gone through trauma and needs healing

Says the division into opposition parties is a thing of the past as they work as a coalition.

As move is made forward minds should be made on elements of optimism.

Not happy to be stuck with recovery and stabilisation. But making Zimbabwe a power house. Going up the global value chain.

Not interested in aid but in investment.

Mistakenly refers to Tsvangirai as president. Maybe reference to parties(?)

Lauds them to work for the delievry on promises to made to people