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zanu pf and mdc

So Jacob Zuma is making his way to Harare for the opening of that poor cousin of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair(mind you they are both piss poor now), the Harare something show. Look I don’t know what they call it now since they stopped calling it the Harare Agricultural Show. I have never been there and I am pretty sure I won’t be there this season.

And so the speculation is that JZ is here to have a word with ZANU PF and MDC over the sticking points of the Global something or the other(GPA) that resulted in the formation of the Inclusive Government.

Now there has been a war of words of late and something that I have been asking a lot suddenly came to light. Everyone is on about what concessions ZANU PF has to make but not much what the MDC is supposed to do. There is the argument that the former still holds a lot of power but surely this is supposed to be a give and take state of affairs.

I am just saying is this is going to get me coloured by anti-ZANU(PF) at all costs by the radicals on the MDC side but really this has to be highlighted.

I mean the fact that if you’re sitting in Zimbabwe you can’t escrow or use paypal and the west tells you that it is because of targeted sanctions should raise an eyebrow. Because if that was the case then it should just block the supposedly guilty parties isn’t it?

And if I ask my dear colleagues in the MDC about this, they are silent and they say that it is up to ZANU PF to get rid of these sanctions. It is all annoying because parliamentarians are still acting as if they belong to an opposition party, a party outside the government structures.

Somewhere along the line someone should see the joke and get us all laughing!