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Women – the best marketers

The biggest and most important aspect of any venture in life is marketing and women define the ultimate experts in this. It is in the way she turns her head, walks, bats her eyelid. Pretty much everything a woman and I suppose homosexual (and metro-sexual men) is choreographed. However the members of this boat being old fashioned and what not we have a tendency to ignore David Beckham and Elton John’s nuances. That is their thing and we have ours too.

So then it is that we have this thing we like about women and more often than not from the moment they notice that tingling feeling that comes with meeting a guy they like they feel the need to be well-marketed in the vicinity of said male.

What you must understand however is that they will deny this and many simply because they are bad marketers or that they think being called a marketer is too harsh a phrase. They would rather be called people of taste or whatever. Not true.

Think of the two cornerstones of a great marketing concept. Effectiveness(getting the desired result) and efficiency(reducing the waste).

Now if a 92 year old woman with one and a quarter heartbeats left can turn one head in a day she will got to town about it. For her that may be the desired result. OF course for the more direct marketing lot in the red light district it would be coitus but that is a discussion meant for another blog posting. For the average the appreciation of the talent they have and how they have accentuated is a lot.

After all women live for compliments then don’t they?

And as for the effectiveness.. Just look at the number of subscribers!

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    very interesting lol…nothing wrong with a good marketer ask Coca-cola…