Right-wing government threatens Dutch tolerance

Now I am not saying they are going to go after your favourite hash spot so keep your pants on. Although I am not sure.

Anyway the dutch couldnt collectively decide on who should be prime minister so Mark Rutte has gotten into power with the support of populist anti-Islamist Geert Wilders.

So they’re going to basically do a lot of things which include measures to ban the burqa; reject more asylum-seekers; halve immigration from non-Western countries; bar radical religious leaders entering the country; set language and citizenship classes for immigrants applying for residence permits; and fast-track expulsions of immigrants convicted of crimes. The anti-liberal shift also applies to other tenets of Dutch tolerance: the government has agreed to take a harder line toward the European Union, beef up the police, and close the famous coffee shops of Amsterdam to foreign tourists. I just copied and pasted most of that paragraph from time.com.

But when you think about it while third world governments are going left the supposed liberal world is going right. And sometimes very extreme right.

Islam is a victim is a lot of this. No I am not Muslim but wasn’t communism to blame for everything a few decades back?

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