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while Zimbabwe burns

They say we should care that little bit more than we normally do and I say to the hills of hell with the lot of them.

A humanitarian crisis unfolds in Zimbabwe and all George Bush does is get on screen and says more sanctions to them. We will make an example of him. Yes of course, Robert Mugabe will get someone to send him money through the Western Union thing won’t he? So yeah let’s stop that money going through and starve those stupid Zimbabweans who will not kick him out,

Meanwhile there is no ranch to be back at because that is on fire. Zimbabwe is fast degenerating into one big internal resignation and the masses are simply waiting to keel over and die. The crisis carries on and all they will say is more sanctions and more sanctions. The babies will suffer. The babies will die and they will blame him. But what about their contribution in all of this.

Forget the principles for one second and thing about the lives. The lives for whom none of this makes sense. Just two village headmen fighting over who should be chief. And they will sacrifice whoever is out breathing to make a point. Noone is coming out of this smelling of roses. Even the masses must take their share of the blame.

It’s like whole thing with Christianity and kids. Once the kid is born it has sinned and so is guilty. Just by being Zimbabwean, one is guilty and a pariah!