when pleasure hits the wall

The sadistic nature of the markets and life at the moment is making us wonder where the humanity in all of this went to. I mean what happend to the tenets that we subscribed to.

You see there was a time when we had become exceedingly efficient at weeding out the bastards from society but we seem to celebrate them a lot these days. Look the roster. Yeah well we are not going to give them time or space or maybe it is just the whole mental block thing. You don’t know do you?
You see as it stands there is a way around things that don’t really matter.
The sad thing is that in the dialogue between Mugabe and Tsvangirai the people don’t matter. They never did. It is about two egos, and not necessarily that of those that have been given the illusion of power. That is just how the world works. We think we rule but we are nothing but pawns.
Chip the ice and you still won’t see it because the pleasure of ignorance is fun… Match the tiger to the cloth and it will all make some sense. Not a whole lot but some of it will.