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what if jestina mukoko is guilty of something?

There is a lot of outrage in Zimbabwe over the detention of people who are suspected of engaging in treasonous acts. And well if you are the Zimbabwe government your PR is in tatters right now given the way everyone outside Africa is just about ready to call you the bad guy.

Now what if we think the seemingly unthinkable. What if Jestina Mukoko is guilty of something? Think of it this way. There are groups out there who are more vocal than the Zimbabwe Peace Project in the proclamation of their dislike to say the least of the Zimbabwean governement.

What if she really conspired and is guilty of all the things that she has been accused of. And just because the governement of the day is not very popular the world assumes that they are the villain of the piece.

But what if indeed Jestina Mukoko, a person who everyone had pretty much forgotten about until she was arrested did something that warranted her arrest?

Let’s face it. The majority of the people hankering for her release don’t really care or know anything about her. Except that she was arrested by the big bad monster.

But what if…