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We are fed up, Mr Tsvangirai

We’re in hell right now. Life is kicking the shit out of us. And yet you are the one moaning like a bitch!

The glorious hope that was so promised by you to the masses, making them believe that you really putting your partisan politics behind and getting on with the business of the people.
And how the world wanted to grant you that status with so much desperation, some idiot had you nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. What a laugh.
A whole lot of hot air and jostling for positions while the children die. Back we blamed Mugabe but you are now just as culpable. Where is the sacrifice. Where is the place where you are supposed to rise above the noise and work for the people.
You have become a diva my friend. We are surprised that you did not ask for water fr0m the Arctic circle as well fresh roses dipped in the incense from a woman’s bedroom in afghanistan while a member of the taliban watches. 
We are fed up with your childish tantrums. We are sick of it and it is about time you became a man. We know it is a bit hard but for crying out loud the peoiple are on fire.
At some point you have to see the bigger issues. Make concessions, ask for concessions but don’t give the impression that you are an honest broker. If you weren’t going to Mbabane, why wait until late into Monday to say that you didnt because you didnt like A, B or C. Why waste people’s time with all that rubbish? You are political joke Mr Tsvangirai!
You slap SADC in the face now and expect them to be redemptive? You expect to court them again when you treat them as if they are those who wallow in the dregs of slums and ghettos. IS it not you who said that you were working for the people. So where are the people in all this posturing?
You miss the point! And this is us being kind. But then again with your dim-wittedness you will miss that point as well.
  • Fu

    Listen to yourself man. No really. Sit back and read all that trash you posted here and then explain to us how “the people being on fire” is any of Morgans doing. its as if you have never heard the name Robert Mugabe in you whole life. And while you are at it kindly explain to us too how you expect Morgan to “put his partisan politics behind and getting on with the business of the people.” when he has no real power. And the fact that he did not go to Mbambane is symbolic – its a wake up call to ZANU so they realise how much they need the MDC as a partner in this and for them to start treating them as partners. i am really amazed at your understanding or rather the lack thereof. And whose wasted time are you bemoaning here? Robert Mugabe, The king of Swaziland and Thabo Mbeki? Nigga please i will not even get into that argument. As prime minister designate Morgan should have been accorded a diplomatic passport already, we should not be this debate in the first place. They need to come to the party and show they are honest and sincere.