WARNING: Graphic Pictures Of Woman Who Threw Herself Off Building


A 25 year-old Harare woman has jumped off ¬†building at Trafalgar Court in Harare’s central business district after a ¬†reported argument with her husband.

We have received these pictures on Whatsapp, showing police attending to the scene. It’s gory. Do not show it to be people who are easily scared by these things.




All rights to the pictures to the person who took them.


  • Guest

    Is it necessary to show pictures of the deceased nhai? It’s journalism and reporting news whatever it may be called but have some respect. Let’s respect this lady..it’s adequate to report the tragedy without showing that. Some of her family members vanototanga kuona pa internet picture yehama yavo and it’s not right. RIP to that lady

    • S.K

      I agree… at least wait a few days before publishing such images

      • annmak

        U guys still opened the post. After u r done u criticise..

        • Guest

          There’s nothing wrong with reporting about tragedies…after all we see pictures of dead bodies all over the news in conflict areas etc but this is an individual and it is still so fresh…maybe some of her family members don’t even realise she is dead yet and there’s pictures of her dead body on the internet the same day she died. How would you feel it it was your sister/cousin etc or loved one. For me a picture of building she jumped from would have been adequate or at least wait until body is removed and take a picture. What does it benefit and who does it benefit publicising her broken body blood etc. No one

          • ME

            SO WHY DO YOU ALL VISIT THIS WEBSITE????? TO SEE THE LATEST NEWS???? RIGHT???? if you want to complain about premature posting of articles then stop visiting this site or visit and get updated, 3-mob has done nothing wrong only being good player in this media industry.

  • guvu

    “our thoughts are with the family” seriously? and u dont hesitate to post the pics prematurely

  • Dont complain over nothing

    There’s no name and no one can see a face here. Stop complaining about nothing

    • fari

      Ah, before 3 mob posted, I’d already received even more graphic images of this woman & I was thinking it’s some joke. Thanks 3 mob for the story. Eish, I wonder, was the husband at the scene? Any pictures of him? Poor woman, MHDSRIP.

  • zvangu zvaita

    Where is the blood…fishy akakandwa afa uyu

    • yozo

      cant you see blood on the second pic, asi urikushandisa fone