Wanted in Zimbabwe:Student Leaders

Zimbabwe has had a rich history of student leaders and over the years we have been spoilt for choice. Young men and woman who wanted to make a difference existed at every at every level in our society.

I’m sure in this generation there also exists young intelligent young men and women who have similar ambitions as past leaders but where are they?  Where are our young shining beacons of hope? (I am not talking of over the hill 30 year olds here) It appears the era of student leaders in Zimbabwe seems to have come and gone.

For most people the terms student leadership and student activism conjures images of young people whose thinking and actions are influenced by non-productive radical ideologies, yet student are an important group within the Zimbabwean society who can contribute positively to the development of the country.

Often students in Zimbabwe limit themselves to sport or the arts because they are not encouraged to take up active roles in other areas but it is important that students  take initiative in becoming productive members of society by making an early entry in important fields such as business and yes politics.

In so doing, they set a high standard of performance of not only for their peers but the country as well.

A student becomes an activist when they deliberately use their talents to positively transform their society by being involved in, economics, politics and other social activities.

As long as students pursue their goals using the guiding democratic principles of justice, ethical conduct and inclusiveness then student leadership and activism should be encouraged in Zimbabwe… after all we need leaders for the future.

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