Wall Street Occupiers Getting A Bit Rowdy

Lower Manhattan has been invaded by the so called “Wall Street Occupiers” This group of protestors has a long list of demands that includes a change in how Wall Street does business .

For the past two weeks or so, this group made up mainly of 18 and 19 year olds has camped on the streets of Manhattan singing songs and waving their plagues. This has  drawn a lot of attention especially from the tourists and their cameras. To be honest it has become somewhat of a spectacle. With all television network reporters hounding them, I think some of these kids now fancy themselves hollyhood celebrities.

Now we all are for freedom of speech and protesting and fighting for ones cause but this group seems to be a bunch of rebels without a real cause. What works and dosent work in America is very clear and protesting on the street is certainly one of the ways that doesn’t always works.

What these kids are forgetting is that Wall Street pays the taxes…and bribes to the Fed. The NGOs lobby the Fed, the Fed gives the NGOs money. The NGOs then  sponsor activities of groups like the Wall Street Occupiers. Now it doesn’t need a PHD in neuroscience to know who really calls the shots in that equation.

Lately the occupiers have had a few run-ins with the police. Like any event where there is a group of young people hormonal level and energies are high. In fact most of them seem to be high on other things stronger than hormones. These scuffles disturb other citizens who are going to and from work; People who have families to feed and bills to pay do their best to avoid them.

Wall Street doesn’t seem to be seeing them and apart from the pushing and shoving match the are having with the police no one else seems to care. Soon the snow will start falling and most will all go home and that will be that.

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