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USD550 to watch tevin campbell and horace brown? you kidding me?

So you will know that we are not big fans of the whole Tevin Campbell and Horace Brown bouncing into Harare for a one-off show.

So imagine the horror when we found out that the show was going to cost you 550 bucks to watch. Granted they said you could meet the so-called stars and have a meal there but for 550 dollars? Obviously they are smoking something we’re not.

Now the standard ticket is put at 35 dollars. And I almost fell off my seat. This 35 dollars business is just not on. I mean from this site here a John Legend and Keri Hilson ticket was ranging between $27 and $40 including all the goodies and stuff. Now we are talking about current stars John Legend and Keri Hilson here not some washed up back of beyond has-beens who are just attempting to milk Zimbabwe as if money is flowing out of pot-holes.

It is immoral. Immoral I tell you.