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USA creates new brand of ‘terrorists’

There as a time not so long ago when the United States of America was seen by many Zimbabweans as the solution to many issues everywhere and anywhere… Now this meant that the USA was incapable of erring and in respect of Zimbabwe this was the country that was best place to provide solutions for this country and this before the cholera but after the shit hit the fan.

Now a new brand of young people has been fostered by the continued pressure on them and becoming convinced that the americans are not as benevolent in their gestures of goodwill that they seemed to happy to hand them.

You see now you have these young kids who are becoming anti-american. They are looking at the sanctions on the table and thinking no.. there must be something going on here. I mean there must be some truth to what these geriatrics are on about.

You see it is common cause that if you pressure on people they tend to break. You just arent guaranteed in as far as which way they will break. Cause you might wanna break them and they go the other way. Then what do you do?

Do you keep asking questions of the same people and hope that by some weird miracle that takes place on another planet the not so good will turn to the not so bad and maybe come to being good before going full circle to being plain bad before we start all over again.

But then I got you thinking there haven’t I?

Gaza is said to be littered with terrorists who are dangerous to the future of this world. Are they? Or could the unchecked forces of the west and their ilk be the real danger of the new world. Unless that is all they ever wanted to be.

Danger disguised.