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I was going through the internet today and I came across a strange article that listed top ten of the greatest Africans of all time apparently according to an organisation or entity called christian action. And guess who was at number one? David Livingstone. And who was in the top ten as well? Ian Smith and they call the liberation war heroes terrorists… I was disgusted.

But that is just the thing. We allow people of all sorts to trample on our history and making people out to be of some supposed importance, denigrating the work of such visionaries as Robert Mugabe, Kwame Nkrumah, Winnie Mandela, Julius Nyerere, Patric Lumumba to name but a few who put promises of individual wealth and health for the liberation of the majority of people in the countries they lived in. Those are the real heroes. Men, women and children who said no to any form of imperialism.

It is simply disgusting and is creating a new generation of Africans who are going to be racist. It’s sick. It is simply disgusting and I for one will not stand for it…

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    and what, are y’all 3 on a strike now – you havent written anything in a wyl?