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twitter a bit out of its depth?

So then when Michael Jackson died there was a whole lot of noise about how Twitter as well as Google’s news service had experienced some down-time because of the amount of requests made by users.

Then they were burgled, denial of service and what not along with Facebook and a couple of other silly season sites.

Then the other day, the breaking news, that was the leak about Coroner’s report on the death of Michael Jackson came out and there was another denial of service in some places. Which is ridiculous…

Cause I am thinking if you have a service of that great magnitude, expectation and demand you would expect that there would be a lot more effort to keep i running. cause at the end of the day if people start expecting you to crash every other week they stop using you.

Twitter has gotten itself into a interesting position as a gonzo news source and in my opinion it could get a lot bigger… unless of course facebook lite comes and knocks it out of the park…

I know that they didn’t expect to be as successful as it became but come on… do something to it… and fast