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tsvangirai frustrated?

SO I have been following the Prime Minister’s tour of the world and seeing what he has to say to the rest of the world about what is going on back home.

And the arrogance of the international community is not amusing and I think the PM is beginning to understand that. Like what do they mean when they see progress on these things. I mean does Zimbabwe really find themselves answerable to these people. Who the hell are they?

And I think that he is getting a bit upset with them lot isn’t he? I mean they want to have a chit chat about the inclusive government to see if any progress has been made? Who the bloody hell are they? I mean honestly.

You can see the man and he is not happy. He does not have begging bowl; Zimbabweans are to proud for that. He just wants the normalising of relationships because as long as the governments say that Zimbabwe is messed up then businesses are bound by that resolution and Zimbabwe cannot move forward. The nerve.

Even I am getting a bit touched about this. The arrogance of it all. Suddenly the US Senate and so forth have decided that they have the overall discretion over whether the Zimbabwe goverment is genuine or not.

They should all be tarred and feathered.

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