We Killed Troy Davis

Troy Davis is Dead, and we all killed him.

For those who don’t know, Troy Davis was an African-America Georgia state death-row inmate who was executed Wednesday evening for the 1989 murder of Mark Allen MacPhail an off-duty policeman.

Since his conviction in 1991 Davis had managed to postpone his execution through logging countless stays and delays, however on Tuesday the Supreme Court denied a last-minute appeal for clemency.

No matter how much haggling different groups of people may do over the case, the fact is Davis remains dead. Whether this case was one where race played a role or whether it was a case of Big Brother vs. The people, is debatable. What is clear is that this case raises questions about the American legal system more specifically the jury system.

A lot of protests, marches, vigils and petitions were organized by some people just before the execution to try and save Davis. It appears it was a matter of too much too late. Most people heard of the case moments before his death. One wonders if people rallied more, wrote about the case more, would it have been enough to overturn the decision.

Legal matters are never easy to decipher even among legal experts. The case of Troy Davis definitely proves this especially in light the claims of police coercion and the recantation of seven of the nine witnesses. I am not an expert on American criminal law but in a case where there are doubts over a crime and a person’s life is at stake, then it might be prudent on the powers that be, to be more humane in their application of the law.

This execution seemed an extreme conclusion for a crime based on circumstantial evidence, more so when the decision comes a few weeks after Cassey Anthony walked away scot-free, despite many people thinking and believing she had murdered her own baby.

Whenever there is an issue of injustices occurring many people worry because they feel such injustices will one day happen to them and are compelled to do something because they  would want someone to plead their case for them. However Justice really depends on which side of the law one stands.Commenting on the decision by the courts Annelise MacPhail mother of Mark Allen MacPhail said “Justice will be done that’s what we wanted”

Humanity killed Davis because we continue to put trust is systems and methods that work sometime but not all the time. Davis or inmate 30644 maintained his innocence till the end. He was 42 years old.


The LateTroy Davis



  • Charles Maulana

    at the end of the law circus, as the wheels of justice turn and the cog wheels grind… we reluctantly recite our sentiment as “justice is sacredly unfair- there is a blurred line between victim and victor”

    • It is hard to stomach if the black supposed perpetrators have a separate code to others

  • PJ

    At a certain point the question of what is wrong or right should not only depend on statutes and writings make hundred of years ago, with technology and the internet advancement in the USA i think a jury shhould now extend to more than the current number.

    • I am not sure about juries that now sit at home and make decisions based on the whims of the media tho