Thoughts Discontinued About Marriage

I feel like a dirty slave to my misdemeanours. Weekend just went by and I have more questions than I do have answers. I know that if I am asked about whether I will be getting married anytime soon or at all, the answer at this point is an emphatic no. That is the sum of it.

You see I know too many cheating wives and some of whom have interrupted their devotion to husbands with me. I neither regret nor celebrate this but it has given me enough to have very little faith in the institution. After all the whole karma thing will come into play and call me in for my fallacies.

That having been said, I am resigned to the fact that my wife if she does by the sheer mismanagement of grace come to exist will indeed cheat on me. My only hope is that if she is all that I need in a companion – faithfulness aside – she will keep this under wraps and I will never find out about it. I will live a full life as long as she doesn’t give me some unmentionable disease worse than the plague in the process. I would like to think I will be faithful then but then that might just be a big ask.

Step out of line it says… Do I believe? It’s been discontinued like the floppy drive