Things Zimbabweans Tend To Overdo

Why do Zimbo’s have this annoying propensity to just over-do something to the extent that you get fed up with it before it runs its natural course like everything else eventually does?


Let’s just pick a few examples, shall we;

1. Music Genres
This Nigerian beat/type of singing that annoys the hell out of my boo lol. Even gospel music is starting to sound like that. Oh and lets not forget what we call Zim dancehall. I cant believe just how contagious this has become…, I love my raggae and the actual dancehall but yaaa…… this noise some people are producing gets on my tits.

2. Songs
There was a time when Happy played every 10 minutes, on every radio station even Radio Zimbabwe chaiyo.

3. Weaves & Hairdos
Anyone remember the Rihanna hair-do that spread like some contagion in one of those movies titled ‘The Virus’ or something like that? and then there was the one where women shaved off the sides of their hair, like completely shaved….. into a mohawk of some sort except it wasnt a mohawk. it was a zuda/mini-bob hybrid. i thought it looked ridiculous, but that’s me. Tastes differ. In fact, how our heads and faces are shaped differently, so what looks good on Chipo wont necessarily look good on Izzy. Now you ask a woman where she got her hair done or where she bought it and she’ll tell you in China just so you dont copy it.

4. Buying cars even
You turn your head anywhere and you’ll find ka Toyota Spacio. There’s so many of them it’s like an alien invasion. if they made the movie Transformers 4 in Zimbabwe I bet they’d make them tuma Spacio and the bad guys would be tuma Toyota Raum.

5. Statements
Yes, you know the one. the ‘unotoshaya kuti…..’ statement. Dont even get me started on that one.

One of the things that Zimbabeweans have just taken to a level that is a bit silly

One of the things that Zimbabeweans have just taken to a level that is a bit silly

And now people are posting these ‘zvirikufaya’ clips. What’s that all about because I see some people catching feelings over them? You know what, even our entrepreneurship is over-kill. if you start selling underwear at the corner, all them niggaz in the hood and from all other hoods will be selling underwear, and not at just any corner, at the same damn corner you’re selling yours from and before you know it, you have a flea-market outside your house.

Don’t trust a Zimbo not to copy and paste.


Izzy SinosiĀ fun-loving, Nyasa-Zimbo hybrid given to bouts of motivated creativity

  • KingMaker88

    Too funny!!!

  • Tawanda Mhuriro

    We overdo it to the point yekutoti zvinodzamara zvakubhowa!

  • Cde Amai Ethan

    Hahaha! Finally someone who speaks my language! Og gosh! Zimbo’s and overkill! Nigerian music and talking like Nigerians too. and the Zimdancehall thing, oh my word! some of the songs do not even make sense let alone sound like Dancehall. Oh Laawd!

    Now every other car is an Altezza GOSH!!! Remember when every other car was a Toyota Corolla Buble?

    The “unotosh…..” nonsense annoys the heck out of me too. You are so not safe

  • Mhof

    We overdo it so much unotoshaya kuti zvirikufamba sei!! šŸ™‚ lol

  • Persona Non Grata

    Nyaya yako haina dhiri. Dai wanyarara.

  • Ngu

    4 killed me,manje unobvunza ani