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Things that are not so little

Has there been a moment in your life where the questions you asked were not the ones that were most important to you. It’s almost stupid at times. I ask the things I don’t want to know. A bloke asking a girl out will ask a negative question which gives an option to face up to her fears. I mean if a relationship does not induce fear, a girl just isn’t interested. She has to feel that she is safe in her insecurity. The proverbial knight in shining armour comes and sweeps her off her feet doesn’t he?

It is almost like discontinuing your own existence because it brings you a thrill, like a gambler gets from the self-pity that comes from losing. Are we as humans then as optimistic as Dr Phil tries to make us believe by convincing us that we are basket cases? Of course there are a few real tragic comedies out there that commonly mistake themselves for human experience but in reality you and I are just people with cold feet caught in some sort of continuum where the options are as rabid as change.

They say things will never be the same in the place of change in a generation but truth really does dictate that we will come full circle one day to the same moment where the little things are not so little. It is just that as the law of conservation of evil has it, we no longer worry about poverty but crime and pollution.

  • Bella

    you see, its the ‘little’ things sometimes that matter the most because they make up the big picture. little and finer fragments become whole pieces. and yes, sometimes we ask questions even knowing well enough that we don’t want to know the answer. we persist and in the process muddle ourselves in puddles that could have well been avoided. we dig where we should cover, glare where we should only peek. its like forbidden fruit; if Adam hadn’t been cautioned against that fruit he probably wouldnt have even given it a thought. we seek risk, without the risk of loss or the need to fight for something it loses its appeal, the relationship becomes unappealing because its too easy. you;re right people sometimes need to feel ‘safe in their insecurity’ as you put it. on the surface it don’t make much sense, but it actually does. we seek risk and sometimes a level of insecurity, a little distance from our safe zones because we want to prove to ourselves and ultimately to all that we are bigger than it, that we’re conquerers, and there’s a purpose to a relationship and your part in it. otherwise life would just be too simple, too boring really – we’d be ‘basket cases’. there’d be no challenge. you need to feel that you put a bend to a straight line, or that you straightened a bend so you’re a hero even to yourself. its a pity that conventionalities dictate what should be the bigger things and what the little things are…because big aint always so big