Things may seem different but…

So I am back in my little city and you can’t help but feel everything is a bit too close together given the size of jo’burg.

Of course the amusing thing is everyone asks you what you brought them from your trip out of town. And i am like what the duck? Someone tells me that it is a default question but by golly you have to give a brother a wee bit of a break. Gosh did i just turn scottish. The tragedy.

The diversity and beauty of Zimbabwe is really coming front and centre now and it is so beautiful it is not just almost but it is actually musical. It’s like good sex on a bad day. Like what the hell right?

Like what is the next sex then? If we’re all cool at what point are we going to kill it. I mean humans love killing a beautiful thing don’t they. It’s what they do. It is what we do. We don’t like to keep a run going for too long. Too much pressure i guess and we don’t like that sort of thing.

Who thinks this is all fun and worth it?