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the word is recession baby

The Dow fell over 700 points yesterday and its cronies followed suit. Yes the brokers all screamed and asked why the proverbial Lord had forsaken them. 

Recession is here and with it the end of the world. Well maybe not the world but try telling that to Lehman Brothers and other people who faded with its light.
But other than the JSE the emerging and well, dead markets were largely unaffected by the whole business. The banking crisis hit Zimbabwe in 2004 and well that’s over. And that aside they have problems of their own there, what with the whole who-knows-what-it-really-is inflation there.
You see the major media networks are screaming murder and calling all types of people names for what is happening but only the daft didnt see this coming from a mile off. Mind you this might just be the thing that keeps Gordon Brown in power. After all, economics is his thing.
Now there are those that are still clinging to the hope that this is a minor eventy and life will be fine at a quarter past eight. Think again buster. The word is recession. Yes that thing that happens every now and again to keep things in check. 
The cycle is over. Now you and not third world but you in the first world have to feel the pinch for a bit and pay for your sins. Then everything returns to normal and you get back to raping the poor