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the unimportance of being about church

So this weekend I did something I have not done since Adam – and by
that I do mean Eve's dude – was a little boy. I went to church. Yes i
can feel the gasps coming from my avid readers – all three thousand of
them – except the one sitting behind the door winking mischievously
because he didn't get what I said.

This not your run-off-the-mill churches where you get in and then out
without anyone noticing you. It was in an open area and the entrance
though at the back meant that you were seen by all, yes that bloke who
we haven't seen since the rhodesia is back. And oh he has a beard and
he has locks. Oh my. Tsk tsk!

So i rode the wave and almost enjoyed it. You see i was with another
errant former churchgoer turned wordly entertainer and all that other
rubbish. Yes, the type that they don't want around. That dude. We were
then the focus of some attention. Then when i had to leave this other
girl or girls or well, some people decided to comment on the radio
show. It was like oh, yeah, i am famous now. What to do about it?
Maybe get a dog? Or err… Well, as long as I don't go back to church…