The un-f?kery of my person

I am walking through town like the self-respecting person that i happen by some dumb luck to be and boom I see her. She is from first glance what they call a hottie but upon closer inspection are the indelible lines of some quadruple X formula that has defined what she is now. She is the bona fide ghetto girl who fashions herself after what she sees on MTV, Channel O or some magazine that has replaced the one last week – which would be the one which claiming to be the definitive guide to the ultimate woman and and human experience.

Of course she is told that she needs to do one of a few billion things to get and keep her man but alas she is single with many layers of makeup and goodness knows what else to deal with. She thinks she needs to watch more of Oprah and Dr Phil now because the world has convinced her she is a bit mad, that she has more issues than she actually has.

So she goes about on an erotic binge with men and women of very little consequence. Until she suddenly finds, yes you guessed it right, Jesus. Then some poor idiot from a town in the corner of nowhere meets her and then marries her. What the f?k is that?

Sad thing is she is not a figment of my imagination… Nor yours….

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