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the trouble with a faceless world

Today there are all manner of things that are offered on the table then taken away straight after. Doha was signed but there are bigger things to talk about.

History is made up of moments in which we think about the damn thing called life. What we think is all that matters because the language and texture of history is encapsulated in those moments.

Before, we could jst make of these events but now we are told what to do with them. We are told that it is bloody important that Barack Obama is in Wisconsin talking to some farmers about how great it is to be American even if we live somewhere in Djibouti. Who bloody cares.

It is the most unpopular thing to have an opinion and in a connected world it is almost dangerous. I mean beyond they have just discovered ways of making sure that your whole internet experience goes awry by keeping that loophole in the way the internet works. Now you’re not sure who to be mad at, the guys who made the internet or the guy who looked for the hole. I say bugger them all.

We should all unplug ourselves and think for a second. Well could we dare you to? Maybe write a resignation letter like that done by Richard Nixon today in 1974…
I dare you to resign from being a connected zombie… Yes I do hereby resign as a member of the global village. Say it! Say it… Gosh that is just too fundamentalist!

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