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The third version of life

They have Barack Obama’s former minister as a racist dude. Hillary Clinton is weird. I am not racist but I am willing to sacrifice a whole race on the basis of association. It is double standards. It’s stupid. It’s the type of thing that certainly takes a lot of ticks of the Clinton column since he left power. That maybe that first black president tag was – and I believe it was from day one – stupid.

Then I say what is this thing they call life. They always tell you to care. And really, should you care? I mean you are here for a minute – maybe a minute and a half – then just a second before the next moment you are gone. It’s over. Not even a goodbye and see you later. It is the end and soon enough they will forget you. They will pretend to care in little memorials and these are all based not on your legacy but on the animal on convenience they created about you. Think of poor Princess Di who is still dare I say celebrated in inglorious manners – inglorious in that it is not the sort of thing that represents how she viewed herself because if she did view herself in that way she would be more than just a bit narcissistic.

So what do you look for? Nothing. That is the third way. Get what you can – even though you will not really keep it because you will be dead in a minute (and a half) – and get out. Yeah make plans for your offspring but why bother legacy when it will be prostituted anyway. Too serious. Handle it…

  • Bella

    how true. you look for nothing and deal with what you get. if you expect a lot out of life, the height of disappointment can be destructive and the less you expect, the more life surprises you. if our lives were all full of sunshine we’d be freaking desserts.