the talks go on…

So Teresa Makone has been found to be the Media Mole, selling the country for a teabag she was. What really gives hope to the process is that the negotiators all worked together to flush her out.

That is a big thing. It means that this talks business is serious and there is a lot of commitment from the political elements.

You couldn’t help but feel that when the international media got their hands on the fake and leaked story about the ZANU-PF negotiators heading home, there was celebration from them, that the African mediation efforts had apparently failed. Only for it come to light that it was all a hoax. Leadership right there.

That said you just get this feeling that something big is about to happen. In effect that a lot of big things are going to take place that will change the landscape of this country they call Zimbabwe. It is a bit of a shame that things are the way they are but the feeling that there is an end is refreshing.

I rode in someone’s car yesterday and they were almost at a point of resignation, but they had hope, just that faint hope that their optimism was not missplaced. How do you live in a world where a small pizza costs more than 30 dollars?

  • Bella

    hope is wat keeps this country going dear. that little flicker that tells you tomorrow will bring something better. even Zimbo pessimists have hope.