The so-called women’s activism

You wake up to some confounded buffoonery of a realisation that you are alive to the possibilities that the world offers. I am sick of feminists always crying about how men are as close to being the devil as humanity will ever be.

How are those two related? Saturday was International Women’s Day, another day for women to spend time on all types of self-congratulatory fodder and for the men who want to get laid to pretend to be all gender. All they have to do is to take a blow for all men and claim to be enlightened, a being who is sorry for all the things my barbaric kind have been up to. That my friend, gets me laid. That gives me a lot of donor funds which in turn gets me laid some more. All for pretending not to be as chauvinistic – by definition given by the feminists and not by nature – as the next bloke. Bollocks!

So it was that all the fears in the world happen upon my kind if we do not supposedly fall in line that defined me. Until I heard that women do not like all these girly men. They want the cave man who fought the big bear off… and didnt need a gun.

This is only part one

  • cherish

    but ofcourse i want the cave man. what on earth do i do with a girly man? i’d just as well get myself the next woman and call her my man. yeah yeah all this feminism bullcrap is great and has its advantages and all but at the end of the day, i want me a MAN, hell there must be a visible difference between him and i otherwise we’re all one sex. you’ll be surprised, the tougher a guy is the more he’ll get laid, hell i don’t know wy but that’s just the way it is. we love the sensitivity and attention but you gotta be the man.
    signed, woman on your bloody boat