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the psychology of Mugabe, Mbeki and Tsvangirai politics

So the old man says that there will be a cabinet by end of the week and the young man’s puppy says fat chance, let’s bring in good old thabo.

Does good old Thabo fancy another trip to Zimbabwe to settle a fight between the two sides. Sure he would like to visit the country cause it is no fun sticking around in the hood if you’ve just lost your job is it? The thrill is gone. Sure they still call you Mr President but you are not president of the republic anymore. You’re the former president of the country. And to be honest you are a bit tired especially getting that playground fight up north up to a point. Does your wife still fancy you since you’re no longer top dog. Damn you can’t stand the new top dog. You’re sick of him. He  dances and he has a weird puppy called Malema who wants to bite everyone. He almost bit you the other day.
So the old guy says he will get it sorted and he gets his puppy to say he doesnt need Thabo to come. But what if Thabz wants to come and chill with Bobby and Mo and that other one they call Artie. What the hell? What do you do? 
A dead body and another dead  body and more dead bodies. Surely they have to stop this cause I am the damn prime minister. The office is nice by the way. Very nice and I have an office right close to the old man. He is sweet. He is funny but he needs to stop fishing for my connections. Bloody hell I am the prime minister and it is fun. Well not unless the people in the streets stop screaming my first name. They need to call me by my surname damn it. Ingrates!
So there it goes… We don’t no water let the motherf?kr burn… Why did I even censor that?