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the posture of a swollen ballot

People stand in the middle of nowhere sometimes and they accept it as the supposed indifference to their own existence. At times that can be accommodated and explained away but at most times we are pitching in the dark and hoping to get lucky.

Now if this boat were country it would probably never have elections, it would have a self-styled dictatorship with a small caucus reserving the right to determine or undermine the futures of many and of course rewarding quite richly the surrogates.

You see this thing called democracy I would have to say is a bit overrated and is still as ambiguous as science’s definition of walking. The masses think that their little opinion is of some worth in the sovereign state of the haves and have-nots. Of course they are plied with a daily dosage of supposed aspirations to the dream, that you can really be anything that you want to be. Occasionally the haves will give one of the have-nots a break and possibilities pop up all over the place. It is stupid.

Think of it this way. We have no elections. We assume that the masses support us – because why wouldn’t they – and then all they have to worry about is whether a text message got through, what Britney Spears did today or whether it’s an iPod or iBod depending on which part of China you are living in. I mean off the boat they worry about human rights, the right to protest, freedom of speech and all that other bull excrement. What is so important that you need to say that could potentially get you killed?

Of course there is a story doing the rounds that without democracy, then certain liberties would not have been possible. That is however akin to saying that if a certain Hillary Clinton… I will let her be today. I doubt Schalk Burger would have too much fun beating up Steve Urkel. Maybe the first time just for the sake of it but after that, it would be like asking a nymphomaniac to play hard to get… The ballot’s swollen but whose votes are in there?