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The odd Zimbabwe cellphone tariffs

So if you tried to make a call from your phone today and you had less than 250 dollars then you would have found the nice lady would have told you that you did not have sufficient credit to make that call. You see… yesterday from that you could make about twenty calls and today it is just one.

Now one could say that the reason why is because tariffs were to cheap here and all that drab and sure they were which led to the congestion on the network. 
But then 250 dollars which is about 60 cents in US Dollars at today’s rate is a big ask. That comes to about 4 rands and yet across the border the same call costs about 86 cents in Rands. N
The argument will be that at transfer rate it is still dirt cheap but most people using phones are buying airtime off the street for cash. Given that Gideon Gono is giving out 1000 dollars from the bank per day then what you are getting is an anomally. That 1000 will allow you four minutes. However given that your transport costs are about 400 dollars  one way then you hav a problem.
Unless you sell buns or something on the side it doesn’t make any sense. 
But then again this could be a speculative price. Speculative like just about everything in Zimbabwe.