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the obama illusion

So well the 44th president of the United States has been sworn in and the masses have called it a pivotal moment in history. Some called it the greatest day in the history of the world.

I had some ugly conversation with some facebook people about this resulting in them calling me names because of what I called the Obama illusion.

First and foremost I must congratulate Barack on handling his business. Puppet or puppet he is historically the first non-white president of the United States of America. He has made sure that Sasha and Malia are set. But that is it. For Africa and African Americans it means nothing and I mean nothing at all. Yes some will say that people will be inspired but inspiration is nothing if the reality is a couple of miles off. In fact it is on another planet n another galaxy.

Barack Obama is a man who just hustled himself to the position of president of the United States. He is the politicians highest in the heirarchy. He is no the ruler. He is just a smart politician. The rulers are the powerful landowners who decide how someone protects their interests.

Sound medieval? well of course it would because it is an unfashionable truth.