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the next version of the aristocracy

Apple through Steve Jobs have just introduced the new iPhone with 3G something or the other and rumour has it that it can iron your shirt and play bridge with your grandma. It will be a little cheaper and therefore will not be appearing on a hip hop video.

That aside it came as an uninteresting anecdote as the world complained about the rising prices of this or that all attached to the oil merchants commonly referred to as OPEC. Of course then the Syrian bloke comes out and says consumer countries and the sellers should sit down and have a candid chat about the way forward.

Jim Webb has just written a book, and when appearing on the Tim Russert show said that the system had somehow formed and maintained the aristocrats that now became the sickness of the society we live in. As such it was the duty of government to change that and take care of those who do not belong to the well-healed.

The world needs a radical sense to restore some semblance of sense to the system. The poor have become too poor not to be noticed and the rich continue to disgust the rest. As such becomes a matter of some if not great necessity for the world to take charge.

Of course the ones who do have the power are often installed by these aristocracies themselves by connivance and a good media machine but somewhere along the line the voice of the poor and forgotten will rise up and not be ignored. I am not talking about systems of government as such but the system of the people.

To take football(soccer) for example it is unconscionable that one player will earn in one week what someone will earn in four years of their lives. If not more than that. It is immoral and at some point, the line must be drawn.

In a world that has become more connected the people now know more than they did before even though they have become at times numbed by the gravity of the situation. But rise up they will.

The chickens could be coming home to roost. The renewal of the next version of the aristocracy is about to be formed.

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