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The monetary policy, Zimbabwe currency change

So there are rumours around that all types of things are going to happen.

The most entertaining of the lot is ten zeros gone and that the coins and old notes will be in circulation again. Now I might be wrong in thinking this absurd because this is Zimbabwe. It might just happen. But the person just like all others claim to ave it on good authority.

In essence 3G as RBZ Governer Gideon Gono has come to be known, will say something of some consequence this weekend. In effect consequence is an understatement of the fact. But the reality on the ground is that the knaves will find a way of screwing the masses again.

You almost feel sorry for 3G cause even in cases where he is trying to put the masses his first because of teh missing reservoir of goodwill he can never win.

I will say and controversially that he has done exceptionally well under the circumstances given the different permutations and combinations that make for a decision in Zimbabwe.

Whatever happens, it will be fun. Well maybe not the kind where anyone laughs but it will bepart of this roller coaster.

That said, where are the sacrificial cows that thsi economy so desperately needs?