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the last man standing

so the two are still at each other,one a very ambitious black man, the other a defiant white woman.They continue to play the political fandango with much ado,one trying to outwit the other,both believe they have a right to be the commander-in-chief,don’t be alarmed it is common amongst their kind to be calling each other names and slinging mud like six year old in a school yard they are not the first nor the last to behave in this barbaric fashion these two are only but a fraction of a species which i call the homo politicus A unique human species which is able to argue over nothing and build castles in the sky without an inkling of shame. yet personally i now think this little performance should stop at a certain point before they both start looking ridiculous to those that take them seriously.

Personally i just think trying to choose one between the two is like choosing apples from apples they are both politicians after all.But let me not stop you from loosing your voice while you root for someone who sees you as pawns in his game of chess .. go on
i never was too keen on being ruler of any part of this earth, my endeavors are more direct in nature with immediate material outcomes i never was into this hide and seek way of doing things besides as far as I’m concerned the earth belongs to the devil and those that rule it are the devils little babies therefore my contribution to the world order is at an arms length least i taint my hands with the muddy stains of lies, deceit and more lies that all comes with wanting to lead people.
Yet i must commend all politicians for their efforts i find it rather entertaining just as i would a cock fight.Like the prize cock some have really mastered their trade and horned in their skills to perfection and in this instance one leader of a certain African state comes to mind who has outdone his opponents for a while now,it seems his competitors just sit back and watch how he while checkmates them.i hope after reading this you too will see the light and realise that to them its just but a game of deceit just like how their daddy plays it.

Now before i start a debate of whats wrong or right or who did what to who let me just remind you that if you are at all emotional then politics is not your cup of tea or a sunday afternoon spring walk,politics is a game for men…and at times woman(who i shall just refer to as men anyway for their guts) who have large egos and bloated perceptions of their worth to this universe,and to them its a game of all about who the last man standing is.
some would say oh but so and so really cares about his community and wants to see a change …indeed but people like that never become politician because they are too busy taking care of the real business on the ground and as a result they usually die poor and quickly sink into oblivion.
politician are the breed that realise the latter unfortunate circumstance and because they are not faint hearted and are willing to jump into the mud head on an take on anyone or anything in their way to fulfill selfish ambitions.
most of the time it all becomes a question of outdoing your enemy becoming the better man the one who has the last word or the one who has to eat his own words.That is the truth and sadly most people (the general populace that is) just don’t get it. so because of my moral obligation i will spell it out to you…..
LISTEN that politician doesn’t care about YOU he does not give a horseshoe what happens to you or your offsprings,hes just feeding his family and ego at your expense you better start looking around and smell the coffee or you will dye a very bitter and sad person for stealing your own children’s future from them by having faith in other people,get up and go work do something to feed your five babies or something.