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the king is dead, long live the king.. RIP Michael

I am not sure whether to watch it or not. I have three or four channels to follow it from and I am going to watch it alone. It is an ugly moment. It’s like the day music died.

Of course there are are other ridiculously talented artists out there but Michael always lived on the cutting edge of technology. The cutting edge of music. He was so far ahead that he is like the dragon the music world is still chasing.

Much has been said so we will not say much along the lines of the circus that surrounds the passing of the king. He was to many of us, an icon, a genius, a a magician. Not a once in a lifetime, a one-off.

When they write about this moment in the future, it will be flowery, it will be legendary, it might be over the top, but it will never really speak enough about how big a loss this is.